What does success look like in an inclusive education culture?

I’d like to start this post with a question, who determines or defines success when we are talking about a school setting?

Board Members?
The business sector?

How does the answer change, does the answer change, if the defining audience changes?  Should the answer be dramatically different if we ask the 18 year old weeks before graduation from grade 12 and the parent of that same student or a student just wrapping up kindergarten?

Let’s think about the parents walking that first child toward the doors for their first day of kindergarten.  Most likely they are holding the hands of that little one but try to imagine what they are thinking, what they are hoping for their son or daughter. Every parent’s greatest treasure is found in their children. The children they are entrusting in some form to our efforts as teachers.  What does success look like?

What would you add to the “definition” of success from this video? Was their a surprise? Was there something missing you really would like to have people include in their quest for success in an inclusive educational environment.