Working together

Dr. Ross Greene has published a couple of books, “The Explosive Child” and more recently “Lost at School” suggesting to educators, parents, and those who work with children that there is a “better” way to approach students who have struggled. the-explosive-childlost-in-school

Dr. Greene suggests a collaborative model that involves the student in both the identification of the challenges and the development of the solutions. Reducing frustration and the associated outbursts associated with a wide range of behavioral challenges is in the best interests of everyone in a family or school setting. Dr. Greene suggests it is not about motivation but about addressing what he refers to in his books, videos, workshops are “lagging skills”. Addressing those skills provides the student with the ability to do what they previously struggled to do when they lacked those skills.

Dr. Greene and his associates have created a website

And Dr. Greene’s Youtube channel provides a series of video’s from one of his training sessions which introduces the viewer to the concepts covered in the book.  Lost at School provides the reader with the details around the program and concepts of working with youth and a narrative story that provides an example of the principles being applied in the life of a couple of students at a school over the course of the year.

As we strive to develop an inclusive school setting finding ways to support our classroom teachers and parents in helping develop the skill sets for students who have previously struggled with their behavior is a vital piece of the puzzle as we move forward.

“Students do well if they can” it’s our goal to help them remove the barriers and support their efforts to develop the skills to succeed.


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