Sir Ken Robinson

British educator and presenter Sir Ken Robinson has delivered many keynotes and Ted Talks which provide much food for thought as we reflect upon developing an inclusive education system that meets not just the needs but the dreams and aspirations of our students.  As you listen to the talks/presentations below the invitation is extended to listen with an ear to developing a sense of belonging, an attitude that embraces differentiation, creatively exploring options, the value of taking risks to improve upon what we are doing as we strive to support the dreams of the communities, parents, and students we work with.

Ted Talk from 2007 – Do schools kill creativity?

2010 Ted Talk – Bring on the learning revolution – The premise that we make poor use of our talents

2010 RSA animated presentation – Changing Education Paradigm

Educating the Heart and the Mind  presented at the Dalai Lama center

How to escape education’s death valley?

On Passion

How to change education from the ground up – July 2013 RSA Event


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