Support for Parents and Students of Westwind

Parent Info Package

The attached document is provided in support of parents seeking to support their sons and daughters in establishing and communicating proper boundaries with friends and adults in their lives, as well as dealing with the effects of physical and sexual abuse. We are grateful to the organizations around the world that have prepared this information and hope that it provides families with the tools to be safe and secure as well as work through the healing process where necessary.

Westwind Education Assistant Conference – January 29, Magrath HS

2014 Education Assistant Conference – Magrath High School

Updated 4:12 PM January 22 – ONE MORE SESSION ADDED

Westwind Education Assistants – welcome, we are excited to provide a series of sessions we hope you’ll find helpful and thought provoking.  All of the presenters hope to provide something that you can use the next day and in the years ahead as you work to meet the needs of our students together.

Registration is closed – your schedules will be available on Wednesday printed out for you to pick up – which will serve as a final tally.

I look at this conference as just one aspect of a commitment to develop a range of supports for your benefit as you strive to help our students succeed. My thanks to those who helped with suggestions and contacts for the sessions, if you have IPad access for the day please bring it along.  See you on the 29th.

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Schedule for the Day

9:00 am Welcome and Inclusive Education in Westwind School Division – Rick Gilson

10:00 – 10:15 Break

10:15 – 11:30 Session One

11:30 – 12:15  Lunch and Networking

12:15: – 1:30 Session Two

1:30 – 1:45 Break

1:45 – 3:00 Session Three

Busing is being organized to help bring EA’s from outside of Magrath to Magrath HS.

Our goal is to have a measure of interactivity/hands-on/ and dialogue in all our sessions.  We hope to be able to repeat sessions to provide a broad experience for everyone throughout the day.

Kent Hollingsworth – Collaborative Problem Solving working with students across the spectrum of communication abilities including students on the autistic spectrum.  This is intended to be a refresher and/or an introduction to the collaborative problem solving model drawing from the work of Dr. Ross Greene ( and Dr. Stuart Ablon (

Norah Fines – Alberta Health Services – “Move more to learn More” Learn about the connection between physical activity and the brain, how being active can help students learn and think better. Come and be inspired to be a role model for being active in your school.  (Taking care of your own “wellness” at the same time)

Jerry First Charger – Playing to learn, learning to play – an active session scheduled to be held in one of the gym’s

Darwin Skretting – Supporting all our students, dealing with confidences, supporting students who are struggling with gender issues and appropriate social behaviours in the classroom/school setting

Rick Gilson – Technology – IPads – Computers – Apps – Google Docs – AND Documenting, Tracking, The Art of Fading support and Supporting Independence, AND EA contract and pension questions – just a few things to try and put in 75 minutes but we will get it done and hopefully have fun trying 😉

Sherilyn Varro – Mental Health Therapist – Anxiety Issues and our students (offered only in Session one)

Lisa Foggin – Parent Sanity Check – “Bribery vs. Reinforcement (come to my class and I’ll give you a treat – wink, wink) and other Proactive strategies including coping skills (to get both you and the kids through the day), dealing with Transitions (changes are inevitable) and other behavior triggers (whatever they may be), and how to fade these strategies over time to encourage independent learning.”

Cheyenne Grayson – FASD Outreach Worker – McMan Youth, Family & Community Services  – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) across the lifespan: Support Guidelines, Strategies and Resources.  Understand the disability of (FASD) by viewing it through a clearer lens.  Set yourself and your students up for success by developing practical, purposeful and positive strategies.  (Offered only in Session two and Session three)

Regan Bikman – SLP – Speech- We All Do It But How? A basic framework for how we develop and produce speech sounds with some suggestions on how to help students learn and use new speech patterns.