Westwind Education Conference Follow-up

First off a huge thank you to all our Education Assistants for their work I hope that you were able to take something away from each session.  While I appreciate the desire to have a particular strategy for each instance that comes up and in speaking with each presenter in preparation I know that each hoped to provide you with takeaways sometimes the takeaway might be a different way of thinking, at other times it’s as simple as a red light/green light card for students to show they understand or they need more time or explanation.

Perfection and Excellence:
I admit – as I explained in the opening that I do love the idea of chasing after perfection – this quote from Vince Lombardi (legendary football coach and for whom the Super Bowl Trophy is named) comes from a speech recorded at the start of a championship season – I suspect it was an axiom often repeated.  Oft times I think I personally might be guilty of placing “relentlessly chase….” to the side for “maybe tomorrow…”

Lombardi quote

Some Early Thoughts for next year

We will have one session next year that is specifically for our EA team on the colonies – what that session focuses upon will be developed in consultation with colony EA’s to address specific aspects of their work.

The work toward next year’s conference starts with a review of this year’s sessions and as I mentioned we do not want to be 365 days between opportunities to continue your collective and individual growth as we strive to meet the needs of our students and work together with the rest of the Westwind Education Team. To that end further posts to this blog will look to share thoughts, articles, practices, and links for your consideration and reflection.

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I’ve attached some of the notes or presentations as they have been sent in to me below for your reference.

The opening presentation EA Conf 2014 opening

Session Notes:
Reinforcement Lisa_Foggin

Trauma – Darwin Skretting’s notes on Trauma and their impact on students and adults

Resources from Move More to Learn More Session – Presented by Nora Fines

Rick session all sorts of stuff – 

Here’s the clip from the movie “Freedom Writers” it is an excellent movie in my opinion and is based upon the real life experience of Erin Gruwell, an English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Eastside Long Beach, California.  Really worth the rental on whatever platform you use to watch your movies.