Westwind School Division is part of a the Southwest Regional Collaborative Services calm alert learning coverDelivery consortium and as part we’ve received the ability to access a series of self-regulation webinars from Dr. Stuart Shanker, author of Calm, Alert and Learning classroom strategies for Self-Regulation.

The Webinar topics include:

Self-Reg and the Anxiety Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Bullying Epidemic
Self-Reg and the ADHD Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Depression Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Illiteracy Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Learning Disorders Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Obesity Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Declining Resilience Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Sleep Deprivation Epidemic
Self-Reg and the Truancy Epidemic

The first three are up – the website to access them is here but you need to get the login and password from your administration or learning support teacher.  As of today (January 28th the first two topics are up and a new webinar will be added about every two weeks until May 10th.  Each school has a couple of copies of the book as well.

A brief overview of the ideas of Self-Regulation are included in this short article “Calm, Alert and Happy” by Dr. Shanker

At the very foundation of all this work is the notion that we as educators, education assistants, parents, bus drivers, receptionists, recognize that there is a wide world of biology and chemistry at work in each of our, and our students minds and bodies that impacts positively and negatively on our ability to act and learn.  We can easily misread the actions and certainly misunderstand the causes of those actions in not recognizing anxiety for opposition or emotional exhaustion for lazy for example all of which are assisted by an understanding of the principles of Self-Regulation.

Here are a couple of Dr. Shanker’s presentations







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