Collaborative Problem Solving -CPS

One of our regular presenters at our Education Assistants Conference is Kent Hollingsworth who does an excellent job presenting on CPS and the principles of rethinking our approach to students presenting challenging behaviors.  At the root of this training is the work initially done together by Dr. Stuart Ablon and Dr. Ross Greene.

When working together Dr. Ablon and Dr. Greene co-wrote “Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach.  Dr. Greene has gone on to write “The Explosive Child” and “Lost at School” (we have placed dozens of copies of Lost at School in the hands of teachers, administration and education assistants over the last couple of years).

As is sometimes the case collaborators move on to develop their own programs and expertise but we are provided with access to the combined wisdom of both authors and researchers and some of that information is included below.

Dr. Ablon’s Think:Kids Rethinking Challenging Kids Website can be accessed here and has a wide range of references, video links and research articles to consider.

Dr Ablon’s model for a checklist and inventory of problems to be solved – skill deficit and challenging behaviour can be viewed here.

Dr. Ablon speaking at TedX :Rethinking Challenging Kids – Where There’s a Skill There’s a Way.

Dr. Greene’s perspective on this work can be accessed at two websites.

The first is the Center for Collaborative Problem Solving it contains links to articles and information on the two books mentioned above by Dr. Greene.

The second site contains more hands on information, videos, and resources tied to Dr. Greene’s non-profit organization, Lives in the Balance.

Much like Dr. Ablon’s checklist above Dr. Greene has developed a sheet entitled Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems which is referred to as the ALSUP. He also provides a Problem Solving Plan (formerly referred to as Plan B flowchart) Plan B is fundamental to Dr. Greene’s approach to working with students.

Dr. Greene also maintains a youtube channel with a series of videos that outline his approach to working with students. I’ve included the first video from that website below.

Dr. Greene “Kids do well if they can”




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