Education Assistant Development

This page and the pages linked to it are intended to provide supports, links, and information in order that the Educational Assistants and all those in our system working with our students are able to provide all students with timely and effective support to maximize their personal learning experience.

Our job – everyone involved in the lives of all students – is to do all we can to realize the hopes and dreams of every parent for all of their children.  It can be challenging.  In fact, it’s best if we just say it is challenging every day because every student and every adult brings a wide range of abilities, interests, and attributes.

We recognize that education assistants bring a range of life experiences and training.  In fact, all in education bring their own experiences to the room and their efforts to teach and support students. That training in some instances was acquired at a college in a formal education program. In other instances, individuals have informal experiences as teachers or coaches in various church or youth organizations and as parents raising their own children. All of our experiences contribute what we know, as well as inform us as to what we need to know moving forward.

It is hoped that the articles, blog posts, youtube videos, and websites will provide individuals with the information they need to continue their own development, improve upon what they know to this point and best meet the needs of all students in the Westwind School Division.


Role of Education Assistants Members of the Team Behavior Supports
Academic Supports Literacy Numeracy
Students Autism Trauma and the Brain
Vision Supports Hearing Supports Assistive Technology

Doing all we can to support all students being in their age and community appropriate class is fundamental to the long-term success of all students.

Our whole job is do all we can to support students in accessing the broadest education