Members of the Team

Education Assistants are supported in their work with students by a range of individuals and services.  The most direct level of support comes from the teacher(s) working directly with the student(s).  Beyond the individual teacher, support should also be available from the school administration and the Learning Support Teacher at each Westwind School.

School Team Level:

The Classroom Teacher

The Administration

The Learning Support Teacher

Other Education Assistants

Division Team Members:

The Assistant Superintendent with responsibility for student learning, inclusive education, and education assistants.

Westwind Educational Psychology Team

Westwind Early Childhood Education Team

Contracted Behavior Specialist

Family School Liaison Counsellors

Regional and Outside Westwind Team Members:

SLP – Speech Language Pathologists

OT/PT – Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapists

RCSD – Regional Collaborative Service Delivery

Low Incidence Regional Team: Hearing Specialist and Vision Specialist

Alberta Health

Child and Family Services