In our school community, we have two primary groups in the building every day, the students and the adults who work with them.  Our parents and various outside agencies round out the community.  Dr. Julie Causton a leading professor and author in the field of inclusion and student supports quotes a student who was faced with extreme challenges as saying, “a community that excludes even one member is not a community”.  That sets a pretty high bar for our work.  Assuming ability beyond what we can initially see is critical to attaining the potential of anyone we associate with.  If I assume Jack can’t do “it” whatever it is in that instance I am not thinking of ways that he can, I’m not even working at overcoming any obstacles that stand in the way I have simply closed the door, at least partially as it relates to my contribution, on Jack doing “it”.   The conversation and invitation to ponder on this page and focus on our students with whom we struggle or who are struggling and the students we perceive as struggling less or not at all.  You are invited to consider the role all of those students might play in closing the individual gap between where each student is and where each student can be.

Who are our Students?


What can our students do to help each other succeed?


What can we do to help our students help each other to succeed.