Trauma and the Brain

We know that trauma has a negative effect on life.  It isn’t surprising that trauma has a negative impact on learning as well.

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The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative has provided all of us with access to a free course on brain development.  The training can be accessed here.

All of us should complete this course, at the very minimum particularly those working with our Pre-K and Kindergarten students should complete the first course sections on brain development.  There are additional resources created and linked to the site available here.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study conducted several years ago in San Diego provided significant insight into the physiological, mental, and emotional impacts of trauma over the long-term.  Educationally we sometimes forget that behavior is not who we are or who are students are but rather an action triggered by the elements impacting our life.

Paper Tigers provides one example where a school and staff deliberately set out to diligently work past the behaviors triggered in part by ACE’s in the lives of their students to reach the students.  The Trailer is here.  The DVD is available contact Rick Gilson at central office to access the DVD to view as staff.

More to come…